Welcome to Lærkehus

Odsherred's Chamber Music Festival has been given an ideal, new setting

in Anneberg Kulturpark, close to forest and beach.

A new beginning


With cellist Janne Fredens and pianist Søren Rastogi as artistic leaders,

the festival opens a whole new chapter.

In the new setting in Lærkehus in Anneberg Kulturpark, the festival not only has an

excellent concert hall, but also a café and accommodation for both musicians and audiences.

At the festival, you can meet top-class musicians and singers

and a selection of Denmark's most promising talents.

Hand-picked by the Jacob Gades Scholarship, the festival's afternoon concerts are dedicated to them.

In the evening you can enjoy the best we have to offer.


Andreas Brantelid
Johannes Weisser
Adam Kock Christensen
Iben Theillman
Charles Workman
Matthias Kjøller
Susanne Elmark
Benjamin Schmid
Emil Gryesten
Mathias Kjøller
Stine Hasbirk
Ludvig Gudim
Caspar Phillipson
Henrik Engelbrecht

Welcome to 12 concerts in an intense and unpretentious chamber music festival in Odsherred from 31 July to 5 August.

The festival's new setting at Anneberg gives it a new breath of air and space. Here we will see musical gatherings between some of the world's finest musicians and tomorrow's musical stars and between musicians and the audience. A new beginning, based on a 32-year-long festival history.



Board of Directors

Tickets can be bought online from the concert pages

or booked

by mail: loneraunsoe@gmail.com

or phone + 45 23802646 (from July 25.) or at the entrance


Ticket Price 175 DKK

We accept payment in cash and most creditcards.

Odsherreds Kammermusikfestival er en frivilligt drevet forening, hvor alt arbejde udføres ulønnet. Du kan blive medlem. Klik her!